By Vigor
By Vigor is my first creation with the Unity Game Engine. The game is quite short--perhaps 15-30 minutes in length, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Thank you very much to my good friend Tommy for supplying the sounds and music that make the experience.
Deutschify is a browser extension for Google Chrome that provides immediate translations from German to English and English to German. It's powered by the Glosbe API. I created it to play around with Chrome extensions and to have an easy interface to access special German characters.
Bim is a fast-paced, skill-based platform game that combines parkour and teleportation in 30 unique levels. I created this over a few months with help from my friends Ryan Hussin, Andrew Donaldson, and Tommy Ager. The game uses Actionscript 3 as its base.
Trip Up
Trip Up is a game I made in March, 2015 for an 18-hour Hack-a-thon hosted at Facebook headquarters in Seattle, WA. It tests your typing abilities by making you quickly type words before obstacles stop your progress! I'm proud to say that I took 2nd place in the event, despite being a one-person team!
The Facebook Final
The Facebook Final is a quiz on how well you know your Facebook friends. Three friends and I got together at Facebook headquarters in Seattle for their annual 24-hour Hack-A-Thon. Beginning at 6PM, the four of us caffeinated up and worked steadily through the night and morning.
Honors Portfolio
My Honors Portfolio began as a requirement from the Honors College at the University of Washington, but I used it as a playground for trying new technologies, such as scalable vector graphics and translations. The portfolio itself goes off the theme "constant learning," so each subsection tells the story of an experience at UW that impacted me in terms of learning.